Who We are

Two Shoe Crew specializes in electronic music production and DJing. Incorporating everything from trance to house, they bring their unique style to dance music. The group consists of DR. O and ROBBY THATSMYNAME who grew up with a shared passion for music and have been playing together for over a decade. In 2017, they decided to concentrate their efforts on electronic production, mixing, and performing. Each bringing their unique skillset and background, they strive to create and deliver original tracks, unique mashups, and mixes that will make you move your feet.
DR. O picked up music taking saxophone and guitar lessons early in life. He also fell in love with Hip Hop, and then House, becoming fascinated with the beats and rhythms. As the Left Shoe, DR. O delivers funky grooves and unconventional, yet classic beats to the Two Shoe Crew.

Left Shoe Influencers

  • Kanye

  • DJ Premiere

  • Andre 3000

  • Larry Heard

  • Carl Cox

Robby Thatsmyname discovered techno and trance at a young age, finding a passion for upbeat music, and never being afraid of 138bpm. Having a background playing piano and bass guitar, he brings driving melodies and powerful basslines as the Right Shoe in the Two Shoe Crew.

Right Shoe Influencers

  • Paul Van Dyk

  • Solarstone

  • Tiesto

  • Vini Vici

  • Eric Prydz